Regression Testing

Revolution Technologies is finest regression testing company in Chennai region to discover regression testing is used in the business. In this area of software testing there are several methods and regression testing is one among them.

Regression testing is implemented to make sure that any changes made in the system do not influence the earlier running functionality. Changes may be in any form like software enrichments, patches, configuration modifications etc. It validates that latest database or any code change has not disturbed existing elements. It guarantees that existing code still runs well with installation of new codes. It contains repeating of test cases to validate accurate performance. Such testing makes the software more positive and valuable which increases the sales growth. This test is very important when there is continuous variation in any application.

Why Regression Testing?

It is very significant to test that whether the existing and old functionality of the software is correctly working or not. Here is the list of advantages of regression testing.

It identifies the errors which might happened with installation or alteration of new codes.

It confirms data integrity and authentication after the errors have been fixed.

It prevents the time and effort since regression testing is frequently done by automation tools.

There are many applications which need endless changes regression testing is of excessive consequence for such applications.

It also guarantees that the errors detected previously are no longer creatable once again. This testing method gives quality oriented product with mandatory application changes.

Types of Regression Testing

Regression testing is kept out by way of many levels of testing. There are several methods involved in regression testing. Based on these methods they are organized into several types. Our Testing engineers guide customer’s to make test plan to follow

Retest All

In this type of testing all test cases from test suit of present program are re-effected. Since it demands to repeat all test cases it is very high-priced but it make sure that there are no bugs due to changes

Regression test selection

With this method as an alternative of re-testing full program, only a particular portion of test bucket is re-tested. Regression testing service in Chennai execute many test in software for quality assurance in tools.

Test Case Prioritization

In this technique test cases are chosen on the basis of importance. Their arrangement depends upon business impact, desperate and often used functionalities. It has normally two classes General Prioritization and Version Specific Prioritization.

Regression Testing Tools

Regression testing is executed with the help of automation tools or else it would be very deadly and time taking process. Automated regression testing necessarily re-executes the test cases prevents lot of time as well as effort. Regression testing is anticipated but repeatedly there resource limitations.

Some of the regression testing tools we used at Revolution Technologies:

  • QTP
  • MAX Q