Real Estate Portal Development

Using a real estate portal, you can buy / sell and rent a house / flat, plot / Land, etc. and you can search paying guest accommodation in most safe and pleased manner. The mediator process supported between a buyer and a seller. In this day and age, this process is brought via online. There are number of portals offering real estate solutions in the faithful methods. If you wish to sell a house or any property you can register in those portals and people who are in need of such property will reach you. The real estate solution counters as mean among the buyers and the sellers choosing some percentage of money as commission fees.

How We Design:

We offer consulting, design, development and implementation, all the features of B2B & B2C real estate portal development in Chennai. Our squad is capable in Architecture Design, GUI Design, DB Planning, Programming, Integration and Testing, all the attributes of real estate portal development.

Benefit of Real State Website Owners

We know real state is a well turnover business. In this business small brokers can earn huge money within a short time. Real state website owners can earn many ways

  • Earn through property registration.
  • Earn through commission.
  • Earn through advertisement.
  • Earn through affiliated program.
  • Earn through pop-up ads.